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Welcome to our online art exhibition supporting clients/artists of the SECADA Open Art Studio.

One of the challenges of therapy can come in communicating feelings and ideas. Art Therapy offers a safe way of making sense of our experience and how it shapes our world view. The enthusiastic way in which participants embrace therapy – through art, is evidenced in the pieces of work on display including for many, the symbols and meanings that sit behind them.

The increased levels of engagement and popularity of this approach has been a key feature over the years. SECADA is proud to be a sponsor of the program and delighted with the positive outcomes and feedback by participants from different backgrounds. It is our sincere hope that our clients, along with their friends and family, will find comfort and inspiration in the creative works are created and hope you do also. It is a magnificent achievement.

Special thanks go to the artists themselves, Sandra Hatton, and the Dandenong City Council for supporting this important and worthwhile endeavour.

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